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If I Stay – Gayle Forman

IF-I-STAY-pb-front-cover-only.jpgHello Everyone !

Today I meet you all with a review on the book If I Stay. Now don’t worry, this is a spoiler free review.

It is a contemporary young adult book about a 17 years old girl, Mia, who is in a car accident with her parents and her brother. She then has an out of body experience as her body is being taken care of in the hospital. She also tells her story through a series of flashbacks. And it is about her deciding if she wants to live or die.

I personally really enjoyed this book, I don’t usually like it when death comes at the beginning of the story because I don’t really feel connected to the characters but in this book it went quite alright because of the way the flashbacks and the present were alternate. It allowed me to discover this family as I was waiting to see what happened to it.

I loved the characters, basically every one of them. I thought Mia’s parents were adorable and I also enjoyed her relationship with her best friend Kim. And don’t get me started on Adam! But my ultimate favorite character was Mia’s grandfather. He was just this sweet loving discrete old man!

There is a lot of music involved in this story which I really liked. And the good thing is we get to see two sides of music, classical through Mia’s cello and rock through Adam’s group and Mia’s parents.

So that’s about it, tell me in the comments if you have read this book and what your thoughts on it are. I apologize for the language mistakes I probably made, don’t hesitate to correct me in the comments.

bye bye!


5 thoughts on “If I Stay – Gayle Forman

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! 😀 It’s really unique that your favorite character was Mia’s grandfather 😛 Nice review! ❤
    I've been wanting to read this book for soo long! Maybe it's time to do it 🙂
    Ps: Sometimes I make mistakes too, but your English it's pretty cool 😀


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