The Harry Potter Book Tag!!

Hello Everyone!

There is something you should know about me. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, so when I came across this tag on the Stilettosaurus blog (https://stilettosandtequila.wordpress.com/2014/07/21/the-harry-potter-tag-wands-out/) I just had to do it!

Before we get started, there is one thing I have to say: SPOILER ALERT!!!


  1. What is your favorite book?
    As hard as it is to pick one, I will choose Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire because I love the tournament so much and we get to meet a whole bunch of new young wizards. And also this is the book where the “real darkness” begins. The characters are faced with more vicious dangers, I mean in the first books they could have died, but in this one they are faced with torture and manipulation. And also, as they are growing up, they are starting to see things differently and to have crushes and so on.
  2. What is your favorite movie?
    For this one I am gonna go with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of
    Azkaban. I love the plot in this one! I love that Harry finally meets someone who might pass as his family. And also I think patronus look amazing on screen.
  3. What is your least favorite book?
    I am afraid I am gonna have to say The Order of the Phoenix, I read it twice when I was younger and took me forever to read, probably because I was too young. When you think about it, it is rather dark. Harry is angry for almost the whole book, Umbridge and her sadistic education methods are here, plus Hagrid doesn’t show up until the middle of the story and I really like his relationship Harry, Ron and Hermione.
  4. What is your least favorite movie?
    It is the second one. But I couldn’t really explain why.
  5. Parts of the books/films that make you cry.
    Well the death scenes are obvious, they make me cry every single time.
    In The Deathly Hallows, I can not keep myself from crying when Harry uses the resurrection stone and sees his parents, Sirius and Lupin before going to meet Voldemort.Also when Harry watches Snape’s memories. This moment is just so touching.And when Harry sees his parents grave as well.

    There is no need to say I cry very easily when it comes to books or movies.

  6. If you could hook up with any character, who would it be ?
    Okay, a lot of people think I am crazy for this, but I think I would choose Neville. The fact that he was so clumsy and unconfident at the beginning of the series makes his confidence and his bravery in the end so much more impressive than even Harry’s, who had it all along.
  7. Who is your favorite character?
    This is such a tough one. I have two and I cannot choose one of them: Snape, because his personality is so complexe and, although he is despicable, his life is ruled by love and he would do anything to protect Harry even though he hates him. And Neville Longbottom, because it is so amazing to see him change and become this confident, kind of hot guy.
  8. Who is your least favorite character?
    For this one, I am not sure what to say. I would say Umbridge because she is horrible as a person, but she is an amazing villain and I think that makes her a good character. So I guess I am gonna go with Marge, Vernon’s sister. To me she is worse than the Dursleys and I know we don’t see that much of her but it was quite enough for me.
  9. What is your least favorite line ?
    For this one I will choose a line from the first book when Harry first meets Draco in the Robes shop and tells him his parents are dead .(although at this point Draco doesn’t know who Harry is).
    “But they were our kind, weren’t they?”
  10. What would your Patronus be?
    I think it would be a horse.
  11. If you could have the Resurrection Stone, Invisibility Cloak or Elder Wand, which would it be?
    Without any hesitation: the Invisibility Cloak!
  12. Which House would you be in?
    I think Pottermore put me in Hufflepuff.L_PINTRADING_Souvenirs_Pins_HarryPotter_Souvenirs_HufflepuffCrestMedallionPin_1230702.JPG 
  13. If you could meet any member of the cast, who would it be?
    minerva-mcgonagall.jpgDame Maggie Smith!! I love this actress so much and she does such a great job portraying this amazing witch!
  14. If you were on the Quidditch team, which position would you play?
    Nowhere! I would be so bad at Quidditch! But if I had to be on the team, I guess I would want to be a beater.
  15. Were you happy with the ending?
    I never asked myself that question before. I had never really thought about how I wanted it to end and I liked the ending the way it was. I was especially happy that Hermione and Harry didn’t end up together, it would have felt too obvious.
  16. How much does Harry Potter mean to you?
    It means so much to me. I grew up with those books/films and except my father everyone read them in my family. My mother read the books 1 to 4 to me and when the fifth came out, I decided I wanted to read it on my own but I got sick and I had to stay for about a week at the hospital. So my mom ended up reading the fifth book aloud for me in almost only one sitting, because I had nothing else to do (afterwards I reread it for myself). My brother actually visited me as much as he could to listen to her as well.


That’s about it, tell me your answers to those questions in the comments and what think of my answers 😀

bye bye



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