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Me Before You – Jojo Moyes

Hello everyone !

First of all sorry for not writing as often as I should have. I have just been terribly busy with college. So today I am offering you another review and I am really excited about this book. It is Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.

20160228_190158I have first heard of this book on Booktube. But I really decided to read it when I watched the trailer. By the way if you haven’t watch it yet wait until you finish the book first. The trailer is nice but it gives way too much away!

I know everybody has been talking about this book but in case you still don’t know what it is about, let me tell enlighten you : The story follows 26 years old Louisa who just lost her job that she had been at for years. Her family is in a difficult place financially and they really need her income. She ends up getting a job as a day carer for a disabled man name Will Trainor. He was a very successful businessman in his 30s and had a very active life until he got into an accident involving a motorcycle and became paralysed from the neck down, I think he’s able to slightly move one of his arm but I’m not sure. Luisa’s job is basically to keep him company and feed him since he is almost completely paralyzed. Of course at the beginning he is extremely, well he’s a jackass. They had to learn to be around each other and to adapt to this particular situation. In case you are looking for a very cheesy romance where they just fall in love and everything is perfect,  turnaround because this really isn’t it at all. There is a very serious aspect of the story that I cannot talk about because I don’t want to spoil it for you. And that aspect really made me think about I believe to be right or not. It is really nicely done because not all of the characters agree, they all have their opinions on the matter and they don’t react same way to it. But beware, it is a beautiful but sad book !

I really liked this book I gave it 4.5/5 stars. I pretty much enjoyed every aspect of the book but what really sold it for me was how realistic the characters were. They all have this amazing complexity to their personality, which is really impressive in a book since most of the time you have one, two maybe three characters with a well developed personality. In this novel I can’t think of anyone who seemed to be shallow. Reading about these people really felt like I was actually living with them, talking to them and interacting with them, which obviously I was not. Some things they said or did really made me like them a lot and some other things made me want to punch them in the face. That is especially true with Louisa’s family. Their dynamic in this family was so authentic ! I felt about her family the same way I feel about mine : I loved them but there were a few times when they were really annoying me. Especially with Louisa’s sister Katrina. doctor_who_s_jenna_coleman_meets_game_of_thrones__emilia_clarke_in_new_me_before_you_trailerTheir relationship felt so real it was really a real sisterly relationship. Usually in the books the siblings either love each other and are best friend and do everything together and never fight or they annoy each other for the entire book and they don’t have any kind of friendship. It’s usually one of the two extreme. But in this book there were moments of complicity between the two sisters and there were also fights and teasing and annoyance. I didn’t particularly like Katrina, I thought her extremely selfish and ungrateful but there were one or two moments in the book when I was really glad she was there for Louisa.

It is not the kind of book where you have a bad guy. Even when you don’t like one of the characters. You can understand their way of thinking and their motives even if you don’t agree.

Although this book is mostly through Louisa’s perspective there were a few chapters where we get to see an aspect of the story through someone else’s eyes. And it was amazing the difference you felt as the reader when you were in Louisa’s mind or in Will’s parents’ or in Nathan’s.

Also a lot of the characters changed during the book and it was beautifully done because it was really subtle. Louisa’s evolution is the most important one obviously since she is the main character of the book. I really love the effect Will had on her. I also enjoyed watching  her father evolved too.

tumblr_npsr282jjn1ro6ivso2_500Now about the plot. I haven’t often come across a story about a disabled person. The only one I can actually think of is a French movie called Intouchables that had a huge success but otherwise I really can’t think of any other. It’s really interesting to read about this situation because this book made me realise that we take something from them. People who are already disabled, paralyzed and are extremely dependent on everybody else. Unconsciously we take something else away from them. We take their ability to take decisions, we try to decide for them, thinking that we know what’s best when we actually have no idea what it feels like to be in a chair everyday, to be dependent on everybody else to do things as simple as eating. And you don’t have to be a very proud person to feel humiliated when you have to be fed by someone else. This book really helped me understand the point of view of the person sitting in the chair. And because Louisa starts working with Will as an ordinary person who isn’t a professional caregiver, we actually get to learn about this situation in the same time as her and we see how somethings we might have done could offend someone in Will’s position even if we only have the best intentions.

And finally I just want to say the writing is fantastic, I really want to pick another of Jojo Moyes’ books up !


That’s it about this book. I would have loved to go further in my thoughts but I don’t want to give anything away. Tell me how you liked the book in the comments and what you liked/disliked the most !

Bye bye !





4 thoughts on “Me Before You – Jojo Moyes

  1. I just finished reading the book yesterday. Hope to post my review by next week. Loved the book and I agree with you, it did give perspective about what it is like to love with disability.

    Lovely review. Can’t wait to watch the movie.


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