Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday : Books You Did Not Finish

Hello Everybody !!

It is time for another T5W (Goodreads). Today we shall talk about the Books we did not finish. I very rarely don’t finish a book even if I don’t like it. But I did manage to find five books I did not finished. Most of them I plan to finish one day.

EONA  – by Alison Goodman
7992995This is the second book in a series about dragons in ancient China (I think it is China) I loved the first book but I waited so long to get to the second one that I had forgotten everything and I didn’t really understand what was happening. I would like to reread the first one and go back to the second one with a better memory !





Emma – by Jane Austen
I don’t know. I was enjoying it but for some reason I put it down and never picked it up again. You can be sure I will read this book since I would like to read all of the jane Austen’s novels.



The Pearl – by John Steinbeck
61uoiqs4cqlThis is one I am not planning on finishing, ever. It was a required reading and I had just moved to the advanced English class, but I still didn’t speak very well and all I can remember is this very precise description of the sunrise where I had to search all the words in a dictionary ! I wasn’t involved in it. I did not really care for the characters. But I would like to read some other Steinbeck book to reconcile myself with him.




Les Joyaux de la Sorcière – by Juliette Benzoni
I have talked about it in my last TBR. It is the 7th book in a french series about a Venetian prince who also is an antiquarian and expert in precious stones. I discovered this series this summer and I absolutely love it ! I feel really close to the characters, so close that  when the main character did something extremely stupid I got so annoyed I closed the book immediately and never opened it again. But as I said in my TBR I am planning on finishing it soon. I would have to see how it ends and depending on that I will decide wether or not to read the next books.


Eldest – by Christopher Paolini
200px-eldest_book_coverFor this one I am cheating, I did finish this book the first time I read it, after getting into a huge reading slump in the middle of it but I did finish it. However when the last book in the series came out I decided to reread the first books as well and for the first time in my life, I decided on my own to read a book in English, without it being for school. The first one went smoothly but I got stuck in the second on at the very same place I had my reading slump the first time. Still haven’t finished it.


Those are my top 5 books I did not finish. Tel me if you read any of them and if I should finish them and also tell me if you too were forced to abandoned a book in the middle !

Bye bye


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