The Last Time We Say Goodbye – Cynthia Hand

Hello bookworms!

I hope you are all having a good reading month… and a good time in general!

172853301Last week I finished reading The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand. In this book we follow a girl named Lex, whose brother committed suicide a few weeks ago. It is about her remembering him and trying to get over it and learning to live even though he is dead. This book really focuses on her it is told told by her and there is no change of perspective in the entire book, which I liked since this book is about her surviving this situation. It shows how her relationship with her friends and her parents is affected by her brother’s death.

I thought this book was incredible and gave it 5/5 stars. The concept of blame and the “what if”s was amazingly dealt with in this book. Lex kind of focuses herself on who might be to blame and keeps wondering if her brother would still be alive if something else had happened or if something hadn’t happened. I found the way this aspect was described to be very realistic.

I really enjoyed the writing ! It was simple, beautiful and straight to the point. It was extremely easy to read and horribly difficult to put down. The author made an amazing job getting into this teenager’s skin, I don’t mean the dramatic situation part, I mean really the teenage spirit. It really felt like it was a friend of my age telling the story. And for the more dramatic part of the character, the author reveals at the end of her book that her own brother committed suicide but even if she understands the pain, Lex is not her and has a different way of reacting to it.

The pen feels unnatural in my hand. It’s so much weightier than pencil. Permanent. There are no erasers, in life.

It is not quite that common for me to cry in books but for this one I had the single tear kind of cry several times. I was moved by the story and by the characters.
Yes, it is a sad book but there are quite a few funny moments throughout it. I found myself laughing out loud at a few jokes they would make and I loved the way Lex and her brother teased each other.

I can’t really think of a character that I don’t like in this book. There were a few times where some of them were annoying but in the same way as someone you like in real life can be annoying. I found the characters and the relationships between them to be extremely realistic. I also liked that with several characters we can see several ways of dealing with the pain.
It was also very interesting to see Lex, who has a scientific mind, she is really good in math and very rational, to see her trying to understand her feelings with rationality, to explain what she is experiencing with math.

There’s death all around us. Everywhere we look. 1.8 people kill themselves every second.
We just don’t pay attention. Until we do.

So that’s about it. I hope you enjoyed ! Tell me in comments what you thoughts on this book are or if you have a recommendation based on this book or… anything really !!

Bye bye


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