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Go Ask Alice

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Woaw ! it’s been a while! Sorry about that.

avt_beatrice-sparks_4582But now I am back with a new review for you. I will be talking about Go Ask Alice. So this book was first published in 1971 as the diary of a 15 year old girl who becomes addicted to drug. The name of the teenage girl is not given, the idea was that the book was published anonymously but then it was revealed that Beatrix Sparks is sort of the author. She was a psychiatrist working with troubled teenager. Some parts of this book actually comes from the diary of one of her patients and the rest is fictional but still inspired by the teenagers she was working with.

The book is in form of a diary. We don’t know the name of the girl, all we know is what she writes in her diary. At the beginning, before she even had her first taste of drugs, she is just another 15 years old. She is worried about her weight, she has heartbreaks, she feels successively alone then meets people she thinks will be her friends for the rest of her life, she fights with her mom, she feels no one understands her.
She is being a teenager. And she likes spending time alone in her room writing in her diary and reading books.  So we have this kind of shy and introvert teenage girl who ends taking drugs accidentally. And from this moment you can see her go through the different phases of  her addiction and where it will lead her and the people she meets.

goaskalicsedfsI gave this book 5/5 stars. I was mortified by some of the things I read in this book. Especially since I know it is still true more than 40 years after this book was published. And I am not only talking about the things that happen to her, I found the public system that “deals with”(I don’t like that word but I can’t find another) the drug addict to be horrifying (this I know has changed a little but not that much and not everywhere). The way it was told, through the words of a 15 year old, so not that much younger than me, made it feel terribly real and really gripped me.
This book also made me realize how lucky I am. Because I was not very different from her when I was 15. I was keeping a diary too and the things I wrote were really like what she writes. I found her to be very relatable and seeing how she was drawn into this world made me realize how a small thing can change everything.
I think this book will stick with me for a very long time!

So that’s it for today I hope you enjoyed this and I’ll talk to you later

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