Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday: Characters You’d Want as Family

Hey Guys!

You know this feeling when you’re reading a book and you discover new characters that you would love to have in your Family ? Well today’s T5W (Goodreads page) is all about them.

I would love to have Aliena from the Pillars of The Earth as my older sister. She is such a strong character. With everything she’s been through she still finds the courage to fight for those she loves and she is an amazing sister to Richard. I think she’d be strong when she needs to be but also funny and nice and soft.

I think Mark Watney from the Martian would be a great uncle. He is funny and sarcastic and I am sure we would have great laughs together.

I know the next one will sound weird but how cool would it be to have Percy Jackson as a grandfather?! Of course I mean an older version of him. Imagine all the stories he will have to tell!c0896ce20fd903ed2ef84da28a89d2ef

For my younger brother I’d have to say le Petit Prince ( the Little Prince). He is so sweet and has such a beautiful mind. We could spend hours playing with an imagination like his!

And last I’d love Molly Weasley to be my aunt. Note that by picking her as my aunt I’m also picking all of the Weasley children as my cousins! Imagine spending your summer break at their house !

That’s it for today’s post, I hope you enjoy! Tell me in the comments who you would like to be part of your family!

Bye bye




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