2017 Reading Challenges

Hello Bookworms!

This year I have decided to set myself some reading challenges in addition to the Goodreads Challenge. I looked into different challenges lists and chose the ones I wanted to do. I ended up with a pretty nice list of 50 challenges (number of books challenge not included). The original idea is that a book is suppose to only count for one challenge, we’ll see how that turns out:

  • An Audiobook
  • A Book By A Person Of Color
  • A Book That’s Been on Your TBR For Way Too Long
  • A Book Recommended By A Librarian
  • An Espionnage Thriller
  • A Book By A Person Who Uses A Pseudonym
  • A Best Seller From A Genre You Don’t Normally Read
  • A Book by Or About A Person Who Has A Disability
  • A Book Involving Travel
  • A Book That’s Published In 2017
  • A Book Involving Mythical Creatures
  • A Book You’ve Read That Never Failed To Make You Smile
  • A Book From A Non-Human Perspective
  • A Steampunk Novel
  • A Book Set In The Wilderness
  • A Book You Read As A Child
  • A Book By An Author From A Country You’ve Never Visited
  • A Book With A Title That’s A Character’s Name
  • A Novel Set During Wartime
  • A Book With Pictures – Nimona by Noelle Stevenson
  • A Book Where The Main Character Is A Different Ethnicity Than You
  • A Book About An Interesting Woman
  • A Book Set In Two Different Time Periods
  • A Book With A Month Or A Week Day In The Title
  • A Book Set In A Hotel
  • A Book Written By Someone You Admire
  • A Book Becoming A Movie In 2017
  • A Book Set Around A Holiday Other Than Christmas
  • The First Book In A Series You Have Never Read Before – A Sword In The Stone by T.H. White
  • A Book You Bought On A TripEvery You, Every Me
  • A Book You Chose For The Cover
  • A Book About An Immigrant Or A Refugee
  • A Best Seller From 2016
  • A Book That’s More Than a 800 Pages
  • A Book About A Difficult Topic
  • A Book Based On Mythology
  • A Book Recommended By Someone With Great Taste
  • A Book About A Topic You Already Love
  • A Book About Books Or Reading
  • A Book You Were Excited To Get But Still Haven’t Read Yet
  • A Classic By A Woman
  • A Classic Published Before 1800
  • A Romance Classic
  • A 19th Century Classic
  • A Gothic Or Horror Classic Frankenstein
  • A Russian Classic
  • A Classic In Translation
  • A Book Set In Ireland
  • A Book Set In Hungary
  • The Last Book In A Series The Fate Of The Tearling


If you have a recommendation for any of those please let me know ! And tell me if you have set yourself some challenges as well,

Bye Bye